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Which Fire Extinguisher Do I Need In My Work Vehicle?

Which Fire Extinguisher Do I Need In My Work Vehicle?

As discussed in our last post, it’s becoming more and more common for commercial vehicles to be supplied to employees, with a third of all road travel in Australia now being undertaken for work-related purposes.

Given the very real risk of fire in a work vehicle, carrying an appropriately secured fire extinguisher is a practical thing to do… in some cases, it might even be a life-saver!

But which fire extinguisher should your vehicle be fitted with and where should it be kept?

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Australian Standard AS 2444-2001 actually outlines what employees and commercial fleet managers need to know when it comes to fire equipment in vehicles, including with regards to fire extinguishers, fire blankets and where they should be located.

Basically, most sedan or wagon-style commercial vehicles should carry a fire extinguisher that covers the most common types of vehicle fires:

  • Class A – wood, paper and plastic
  • Class B – flammable and combustable liquids
  • Class C – flammable gases
  • Class E – electrically energised equipment

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade recommends a 1A 5B(E) dry powder fire extinguisher of about 1.5kg size; this should be secured with metal straps within easy reach of the driver; either on the driver-side door or on the floor in front or behind the drivers seat.

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Of course, if you use a commercial vehicle to regularly transport flammable or dangerous goods or drive a large truck, the legal requirements around your fire safety responsibilities will be different. These are too many and varied to be efficiently described here, but our team can help you by recommending, supplying and installing the correct fire equipment.

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For more information about having fire extinguishers installed in your fleet of commercial vehicles, or to book an appointment with our expert fire services team, simply give us a call!

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