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Fire Hydrants

A common sight in our cities and towns, fire hydrants are strategically positioned to provide a continuous supply of water from the mains pipe in the event of an emergency.

In commercial properties, public buildings, office spaces or a strata title buildings, fire hydrants may be located outside an exit so they’re easy for fire services to identify and to allow for the flow of water straight into a building.

To stop vandalism or misuse, fire hydrants require specialist fire equipment and fittings to release water flow into an attached hose and nozzle. Therefore, they should only be used by firefighters attending a fire or people trained specifically in their operation.

Opening and using a fire hydrant should be done with caution, as wear and tear can cause faults that in turn can cause serious injury. In higher altitude areas, fire hydrants can freeze, or the caps can stick from lack of use and require specialised tools to remove them. Turning the water on or off too quickly can cause ‘water hammer’ which is a sort of shock wave that can damage pipes to the fire hydrant or nearby buildings.

Fire hydrants require servicing every 6 months in accordance with Australian Standards. Our fire equipment services technicians will check that access to your fire hydrant is clear and that all signage is relevant and easy to read. We’ll also check for leaks and the clearance to the fire hydrant, turn it on (into a bucket or drain) and check isolation valves, making sure you can turn these off if required.

To keep your commercial premises, staff and visitors safe, your fire hydrants should be serviced every six months and by a registered fire services technician. If your portable fire equipment hasn’t been serviced or tested for an extended period, give our friendly team at In2 Fire a call so we can help your business premises remain compliant and out of danger!

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