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Portable Fire Equipment Service & Maintenance

In2 Fire provides comprehensive portable fire equipment service and maintenance on all types of portable fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels: items designed to be used as the “first line of attack” in a fire.

We use only the highest quality fire equipment products to ensure your site is always standards compliant (Australian Standards 1851 and OH&S Requirements). Our portable fire equipment service is speedy and unobtrusive – we’re typically in and out of your worksite within a couple hours.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers require servicing every 6 months, and either pressure testing or replacing every 5 years.

To learn more, see the Fire Extinguishers page.

Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels require servicing every 6 months.

To find out more, please have a look at our Fire Hose Reels page.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants require servicing every 6 months and only require replacing if they’re damaged.

To read more, visit our Fire Hydrants page.

Fire Blankets

Fire blankets require servicing every 6 months, and require replacing if used or damaged.

To learn more, view our Fire Blankets page.

If you have any questions about smoke alarms or fire indicator panels for your home, office, warehouse, public building or industrial site, please give our expert Melbourne fire services team a call on 1800 177 915 to arrange a free quote or to make an appointment for us to visit your premises.

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