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Fire Blankets

Occasionally overlooked as an item of first attack firefighting equipment, the humble fire blanket is easy to access and easy to use.

Made from fire-resistant fabric, in many cases woven glass fibres, their reasonably small size means fire blankets can be installed at multiple points without being in the way of day to day commercial operations.

Fire blankets should be installed near doorway exits, so people using the fire blanket can escape if the fire worsens. Never install a fire blanket above a stove top, as a cooking fire may stop you from reaching it.

Fire blankets are used on Class F fires, namely cooking oils and fats, so should be installed in all commercial kitchens and any business premises where there is a risk of a Class F fire. Fire blankets are also widely used in domestic kitchens. Different sizes of fire blankets are available depending on the application.

A fire blanket extinguishes a Class F fire by smothering the oxygen and preventing it from fuelling the fire. It can be placed over a stovetop, or used to wrap around a person whose clothing has caught fire.

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To use a fire blanket, remove it from its cover by pulling down sharply on the tabs. Protecting your face and hands, place the blanket gently over the fire – throwing it can cause flames to ‘whoosh’ around the edges of the blanket. Turn off the source of the heat, such as a gas cooking ring, and leave the fire blanket on the area for at least 15 minutes after the fire is fully out. If necessary, call the fire brigade to attend.

Fire blankets require servicing every 6 months in accordance with Australian Standards. Our fire services technicians will remove and check the blanket for damage, ensure all signage is correct and clear, secure all wall mountings and check its location and ease of access.

Fire blankets require replacing if used or damaged. If you have used a fire blanket at your business premises, please contact us to organise a replacement.

To keep your team members and visitors safe – your fire blanket servicing or replacement should be carried out by a registered fire services technician. If this hasn’t been done for an extended period, give our friendly Melbourne fire services team a call so we can help your business premises remain compliant and out of danger!

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