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Emergency Exit Signs

Most people are probably most familiar with emergency exit lighting after they’ve flown somewhere and listened to the airline safety briefing. Or, maybe they’ve noticed the green emergency exit signs at their workplace, but haven’t really given them much thought.

The simple fact is that emergency exit lighting saves lives in the event of a fire.

An illuminated emergency exit sign not only gives people escaping a fire a clear path of egress from a burning building, but also saves valuable time in helping everyone escape. Because most fires cause electrical wiring to fail, emergency exit sign lighting must be able to operate automatically and independently of any power failure.

In addition, they must provide sufficient illumination for the type and size of building they are installed in, as well as take into account the distance from high traffic areas to the nearest exit points.

Given this, it’s easy to see why it’s vital that all emergency exit signs must be clearly visible, legible and placed in locations around your business premises where exits might not be immediately obvious to people working or visiting the site.

emergency exit sign

Emergency Exit Lighting Service

Emergency exit sign lighting must be tested every 6 months in accordance with Australian Standard 2293.2 by a qualified fire equipment services technician.

When called for emergency exit light service, our team of fire equipment services technicians will do a walkthrough of your business premises to check for an immediate faults, such as a damaged light or bulb. Then, the power to the emergency exit signs will be switched off so that all signs can be checked for illumination while operating on battery power alone.

Finally, each emergency exit sign is individually checked.  Any items which are deemed to have failed the test can be repaired or replaced by our in-house electrician.

If you have any questions about emergency exit sign lighting, emergency exit signs, or other fire equipment services, give our expert team a call on 1800 177 915 to arrange a free quote or to arrange a time for us to come out and visit your site.

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