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How Do I Use The Fire Extinguisher In My Vehicle?

How Do I Use The Fire Extinguisher In My Vehicle?

So you’ve carried out a risk assessment and got your fleet of commercial vehicles all set up with the appropriate fire protection to help keep your staff and their passengers safe while travelling for work.

As anyone who’s ever been caught in an emergency situation knows, having the right equipment is only being half prepared…knowing how to use it effectively is just as important!

But, just in case you haven’t completed fire safety training, or have forgotten what to do in the heat of the moment, here’s a little refresher.

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The Metropolitan Fire Brigade have an easy step-by-step guide on what to do if you smell smoke or see flames in or around your vehicle:

  • pull over as soon as possible
  • turn off the ignition, put your vehicle in park and pull the hand brake on
  • evacuate the vehicle, close all doors, move a safe distance away and ensure no one else goes near the vehicle
  • call triple zero (000) and ask for the fire brigade

What to do if there is a small fire under your bonnet:

  • release the bonnet catch located in your vehicle cabin
  • release your vehicle fire extinguisher
  • do not open the bonnet as flames may flare up
  • aim the fire extinguisher nozzle in the bonnet gap and discharge the extinguisher

What to do if there is a small fire in the cabin:

  • release your vehicle fire extinguisher
  • discharge your fire extinguisher into the cabin, aimed directly at the fire
  • close the door and move away from the vehicle

Remember that the safest thing to do in the event of vehicle fire is to immediately move away from the vehicle and call the emergency services.

For more information about having fire extinguishers installed in your fleet of commercial vehicles, or to book an appointment with our expert fire safety team, simply give us a call!

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