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Fire Indicator Panels

Fire Indicator Panels are generally located near the entrance of a building, and should always be clearly marked to ensure that relevant emergency services can gain access. It can be connected to various pieces of fire equipment, including smoke detectorssprinkler systemsfire hydrants and fire hose reels.

A fire can be detected through heat or smoke, depending on the type of detector installed on site.  There are also Manual Call Points (MCP), which are located throughout the building and can be activated in the event of an emergency.

An fire indicator panel system will generally alert those in the building of any danger by way of an alarm.  This is when you should activate your Emergency Evacuation Plan.

fire indicator panel

If alarm signalling equipment (ASE) is connected, the fire indicator panel will also notify the nearest Metropolitan Fire Brigade or Country Fire Brigade, ensuring they are immediately dispatched to assist in fighting the fire.

fire indicator panel must be installed and maintained in accordance with Australian Standard 1851 to ensure they sense and provide warning of a fire in its initial development stage, thus allowing people working or visiting the site the maximum amount of time use escape routes.

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