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Fire Hose Reels

As first attack piece of portable fire equipment in an emergency, fire hose reels are easy to access, fast to use and simple to operate.

While many people assume the fire hose reel unit is just a non-kinking hose, the entire unit actually consists of a pump, pipes and a continuous water supply. The unit is operated manually by opening the valve that enables water to flow through the hose. Once the valve has been opened, it will activate a pump that will keep up water pressure through the hose and provide a spout of water of up to 10 metres. A nozzle on the end of the hose allows the operator to change the spread and spray of water.

Because fire hose reels use water to extinguish a fire they are only suitable for Class A fires which are ordinary combustibles such as a paper or wood. Operators should never use a fire hose reel on electrical fires as water conducts electricity and make the fire worse.

Fire hose reels require servicing every 6 months in accordance with Australian Standards. Our Melbourne fire service technicians will check that your fire hose reel is charged, make sure it’s not leaking along the length of the hose or at points of connection and ensure that it turns properly and can be easily unrolled.

We’ll also check the fire hose reel nozzle, the name plate and that signage is in place and correct. Access to the fire hose reel is also a vital part of servicing your fire hose reel, so our fire services technicians will ensure they are in open positions. Finally, we’ll reduce pressure on the hose, make sure the stop tap has a keeper to hold the nozzle in place and then stamp the fire hose reel tag in preparation for the next service.

Fire hose reels require replacing if damaged. At In2 Fire, we only use Australian-made fire hose reels developed by our founder Lindsay Kline in the 1970’s, which are Australian Standards compliant.

To keep your premises and people safe, your fire hose reel should be serviced every 6 months and tested by a qualified technician. If your fire safety equipment hasn’t been serviced or tested for an extended period, give our friendly fire equipment services team a call so we can help you remain compliant and out of danger!

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