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What is Fire Training & Why Should You Organise It For Your Staff?

What is Fire Training & Why Should You Organise It For Your Staff?

If you asked everybody in your workplace whether they’d ever discharged a fire extinguisher, you might be surprised with the response. At a guess, less than half the people you work with have handled fire safety equipment, whether as a result of an emergency situation or while doing fire training.

While the process for identifying a fire, responding to it and using a fire extinguisher might seem simple, the reality can be quite different. Keeping your cool and handling the fire extinguisher while there’s the noise of the smoke alarm, the panic of people around you and a natural desire to escape, isn’t easy!

Fire training sessions run by our expert team aren’t just about picking up an extinguisher and squirting some water – as important as this is to know. Our well-run sessions will give your team the confidence to identify a dangerous situation and how to respond; a small paper fire in a bin requires a much different response to a spreading electrical fire in a warehouse, for instance.

fire safety training course

Our fire safety training sessions will help you and your team to:

  • safely identify a fire event
  • alert your fire warden or initial response personnel
  • have the confidence to respond appropriately
  • know when a fire can be dealt with and when to call emergency services
  • know what the fire alarm sounds like and how to evacuate your building, factory or warehouse
  • understand where emergency assembly points are

Fire training sessions are conducted at your site for small groups of 20 people at a time, so each person can hear and understand exactly what their responsibilities are during a fire emergency.

We invite you to start 2018 with fire safety in mind by booking your staff in for fire safety training with one of our industry experts. Simply call our friendly fire equipment services team to find out more.

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