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How Do You Know What Fire Equipment Your Business Needs?

How Do You Know What Fire Equipment Your Business Needs?

Equipping your new workplace with the right fire equipment is vital to ensuring your site is compliant and safe for both employees and visitors alike.

Deciding what is needed to meet Australian fire safety standards is a job best done by an expert as it requires an in-depth knowledge of both the types of fire equipment and, in the case of fire extinguishers, the class.

As we mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, our experts look for a range of things when they come out to your site but answering the question of exactly what fire safety equipment you require – and how much it will cost – depends on a number of variables.

These include:

  • The types of flammable materials onsite; are you in an office environment with paper, cardboard and timber furniture as your main potential source of fuel? Are there significant electrical fire risks from computer or technical equipment? Or does your worksite deal with large amounts of dangerous fuel in an industrial or factory-type setting?
  • Are there multiple spaces across your site; do you have an office area as well as a factory space on the one site? How can the risks of both be best managed? Should there be different classes of fire extinguisher onsite, or would a fire indicator panel with a sprinkler system be more appropriate?
  • How many people are at your worksite; obviously the requirements for a nursing home or heavily tenanted office space will be different to that of a warehouse which holds goods but only has a few on-floor staff members.

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We’re sure this information has probably raised more questions than answers for you, but it’s OK! We’re here to help!

Our expert fire equipment services team can visit your site to provide an outline of the equipment you need, plus a quote to get the job done quickly and easily. We also offer an excellent scheduled fire equipment maintenance and inspection program to make your ongoing fire safety a simple job.

To find out more, or to book an obligation-free site visit, give us a call today!

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