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Visiting Your Site – What Our Fire Services Experts Look For

Visiting Your Site – What Our Fire Services Experts Look For

If you’ve built or leased a new commercial space for your business it’s important to ensure you set up your fire equipment appropriately, right from the very start.

Not only does a complete fire service of your site give your staff and visitors the best chance of evacuating in the event of a fire emergency, but it will keep you compliant with Australian Standards and help you avoid hefty fines, and even legal action.

With over four decades in the fire industry, the expert In2 Fire team have the experience and knowledge to give you the right advice on your site’s requirements.

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When visiting your business premises, our experts will look for a range of things, including:

  • the type of business you’ll be operating
  • flammable and hazardous goods that will be stored / used on site
  • power sources, including solar panels or LP gas tanks
  • sources of heat, including commercial or staff kitchens
  • all exit points

Following our site visit, we’ll provide you with:

This is just a snapshot of what our experts look for and what we can offer your business premises, but for a full run down on how we can help you become fire safe, or to book an appointment, simply give our friendly Melbourne fire service team a call.

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