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Portable Fire Equipment – Hire vs Buy

Portable Fire Equipment – Hire vs Buy

If you’re organising an event, festival or corporate function, or even looking after a temporary construction work site, there are a number of important things to consider.

From a fire safety perspective, it’s vital to consider how you’ll keep on the right side of Australian safety standards and keep all attendees safe from fire risk.

For a one-off or a series of seasonal events or work projects, buying portable fire equipment can be a difficult and expensive process; this is why most site managers and event organisers choose to hire fire equipment from a reputable fire services company such as In2 Fire.

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Our process for hiring fire safety equipment is cost effective and very straight-forward: you tell us about your site and what you need, we’ll send you a detailed quote and our fire services team will be in and out of your event or work site quickly and efficiently, having delivered and checked your range of fire equipment.

Then, if you need to hire the equipment for an extended period, we’ll ensure everything is serviced and compliant with Australian safety standards and replacing anything that has been used or tampered with Hiring your portable fire equipment also saves you time and money on storage and maintenance costs in between events or jobs.

It really is the quick and easy way to ensure you’re safe on site… no hassle, no stress!

For more information about portable fire equipment, or to request a time for our expert fire safety team to visit your event or work site to give you a no-obligation quote, simply give us a call today!

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