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KlineFire Services’ Sporting Origins

KlineFire Services’ Sporting Origins

The story of our fire equipment services business starts back in the 60’s, decade of psychedelic music, bell bottom jeans and Australian dominance in the sport of cricket.

Lindsay Kline, the founder of KlineFire Services (now known as In2 Fire), was also a prominent cricketer, known for his slow left arm spin goggly bowling and for taking a hat trick without conceding a single run in the 1958 Test in Cape Town, South Africa.

“There was great excitement for our Test win and my hat trick. It took me days to sink in that I had taken a hat trick. I was amazed when told that the previous Test hat trick by an Australian was 46 year ago,” Lindsay told the media at the time of the Test match.

He was also acclaimed for saving the Australian team from certain defeat in the Adelaide test match against the commanding West Indian team; he held his batting position for 100 minutes, allowing his team to draw in a cricketing display that was described by the media as a ‘fairytale performance’.

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Sadly, Lindsay passed away in 2015 aged 81, leaving the business he started in 1964 with just one employee in the hands of his two sons, Tony and Andrew, and a team of over 20 people.

Despite building the business up to the successful, industry leading fire equipment services supplier it is today, Lindsay always remembered his cricketing days with great fondness, once recalling that “one of the special things I remember is being given the honour of leading our team from the field.”

KlineFire Services today still runs on the same foundation of integrity and trust that Lindsay built it on all those years ago – though as of September 2017, it is known as In2 Fire.


For any fire equipment maintenance, fire equipment installation, or fire equipment services, In2Fire is the team to turn to. Simply call our friendly team on 8781 0100 or check out our website.

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