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The Importance of Emergency Exit Signs and Lighting

The Importance of Emergency Exit Signs and Lighting

If you’re in business and have a premises or space that staff or members of the public use regularly, Australian law states that you must have clear emergency exit lighting  and emergency exit signs displayed at all times. And, if you’ve ever been in an emergency situation where time is of the essence, then you’ll probably know how helpful those emergency exit signs can be!

From illuminating stairwells and hallways, right through to alarms and sirens, effective emergency exit lighting helps calm people down and saves lives in the event of an incident.

emergency exit sign


These emergency exit signs are particularly important for large events in spaces that people are usually visiting for the first time and simply won’t be familiar with the exits and evacuation points.

However, as with any electrical appliance, things can and do go wrong with emergency exit sign units… wires fray, light bulbs dim, a water leak might affect the lighting unit and so on.

As part of our emergency exit light service, our team conducts over 59,000 minutes of emergency lighting and emergency exit sign testing each year, so our clients remain compliant and, above all, safe. If you have any concerns with the quality of the emergency exit lighting and signage at your business premises, or if you haven’t had your emergency exit lighting units tested every six months in accordance with Australian law, it’s time to do it now!


To have In2 Fire test your emergency exit signs and emergency exit lights at your place of business, simply call our friendly team on 8781 0100.

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