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What Is A Fire Indicator Panel?

What Is A Fire Indicator Panel?

You may have seen them around, but might not know that a fire indicator panel is a central management system that is connected to all fire equipment throughout the site or building.

A series of sensors, installed throughout your site, direct information to the fire indicator panel, including any dramatic changes in temperature, the detection of smoke and any operational problems.

These sensors include fire equipment such as smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, and fire hose reels, all interconnected to give complete coverage across your site.

fire indicator panel

If a fire is detected and the fire indicator panel is activated, you should immediately launch your emergency evacuation plan, ensuring all staff and visitors make their way to emergency assembly points.

In some cases, your fire indicator panel will have alarm signalling equipment connected, meaning Victorian emergency services – the Metropolitan Fire Brigade or Country Fire Authority – will be notified and immediately dispatched to get the fire under control.

All fire indicator panels must be installed in accordance with Australian Standards and must undergo regular scheduled maintenance in order to ensure they are always ready for emergency action.

Working out the requirements of your workplace can be difficult, but our friendly fire services team is here to help. If you have any questions about fire indicator panels or want to know more about regular scheduled maintenance and inspection, simply give us a call.

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