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What Happens When You Call Triple Zero

What Happens When You Call Triple Zero

If you’ve ever had to call the Victorian emergency services you’ll know how confusing and confronting the experience can be.

On top of the emergency situation you’re calling about, there is certain information they’ll need from you, as well as actions they might need you to take. From a small playground accident, right through to a major fire incident, phoning our dedicated emergency service personnel can be a stressful time.

In this post, we’ve laid out the simple steps and answered some of the most asked questions regarding triple zero in our state of Victoria.

When Should I Call 000?

When there is an emergency situation that is unable to be dealt with by yourself or others in the vicinity, it’s time to call triple zero. It might mean that someone has been seriously injured, that someone is acting in a threatening manner, or there is a fire that cannot be put out using a fire extinguisher or other fire equipment at hand. Basically, if the situation feels out of your control, ask for help by calling 000.

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What Happens When I Call 000?

An operator will take your call and ask which state emergency service you need – police, fire or ambulance. They’ll connect you to a highly trained call taker who will get some or all of the following details from you (they may ask for other information as well):

  • the nature of your emergency
  • your exact location
  • when the emergency happened
  • if a person or multiple people are injured or at risk of injury

They’ll determine which emergency service is closest and most appropriate to respond.

How Do I Call If I Live With A Hearing Or Other Disability?

You can access 000 via the National Relay Service.

What Happens Now?

The call taker may ask you to stay on the line until the emergency services arrive to take control of the situation.
While experiencing an emergency situation can be a fraught and stressful time, your triple zero call taker will talk you through exactly what information they need and what they want you to do to appropriately respond.

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