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What About Apartment Block Fire Safety Management?

What About Apartment Block Fire Safety Management?

As Melbourne expands, more and more people are moving into apartments; from multi-level city spaces to older suburban homes that have been converted to two or three flats.

No matter the set up, the maintenance of an apartment block is almost always the responsibility of the body corporate or strata group.

And, whilst the maintenance of a building includes general things like broken windows, it should also include a discussion and an awareness of the emergency procedures and the health and safety issues that may exist in the building.

To identify fire safety issues within an apartment building, all strata titled properties are required to perform annual fire safety inspections of the common property.

Tests of all fire safety installations at regular intervals, ensuring evacuation routes are kept clear of obstructions, checking exits have the correct hardware, staff training in the event of an emergency, the appointment of a Fire and Evacuation Co-ordinator, a review of the fire evacuation plan, a log of these tests kept and a certificate of classification being displayed are some of the ways a commercial building can perform a thorough inspection.

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The fire evacuation plan is particularly important; it should be simple and effective, so as not to confuse residents, and should describe the roles, required actions and responsibilities for the buildings key personnel, employees and tenants in the event of a fire emergency.

Fire emergencies can often happen unexpectedly and quickly, but being prepared for the situation can provide focus and direction for residents and visitors alike.

If you live in an apartment block, your strata or body corporate group will be able to provide more information on fire safety precautions and plans. Or, if you’re part of an owners, strata or body corporate group that requires help with fire safety planning, speak to our friendly fire equipment services team today about how we can assist.

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